Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions


Terms and Conditions

1. Payment Information

1.1 The cost of the whole year’s travel quoted is at a discounted rate.

1.2 Payment by direct debit is for the whole years’ transport and not for month by month transport and as such any cancellation will mean that you become liable for the remainder of the full year (see cancellation policy).

1.3 Passes purchased after the Christmas holidays for the current year must be paid for in advance for the amount remaining by cheque, made payable to A&A Coach Travel Ltd, or by Direct Bank Transfer.

1.4 If you do not receive the pass before the starting date you must contact A & A Coach Travel Ltd immediately on 01423 325300.

1.5 The Boarding Pass (plastic) remains the property of A & A Coach Travel Ltd at all times.

1.6 Please note a credit reference agency may be used to confirm your address and credit status.

1.7 Any late payment will result in a surcharge of £8.00 which will be added to any outstanding balance.

2. Direct Debit  & Split Payments

2.1 The Direct Debit instalments will be collected monthly, over a  8 or 10 month period, by GOCARDLESS on our behalf.

2.2 You are asked to allow 4 weeks for processing your initial Direct Debit application.

2.3 Advanced notice will be given to you by A & A Coach Travel Ltd and GOCARDLESS prior to taking the first Direct Debit payment from your account (normally 10 working days). The advanced notice informs you of the amount, date and frequency of payment. Where there is any change, a new advanced notice will be issued.

2.4 If you change your name, address or Bank / Building Society from which your Direct Debit payment is collected each month. You must advise A & A Coach Travel Ltd at the following address: A & A Coach Travel Ltd, The Control Tower Offices, The Airfield, Tockwith, YORK, YO26 7QF.

2.5 You are free to cancel the Direct Debit instruction at any time giving A & A Coach Travel Ltd 1 calendar months’ prior notice. The recommended procedure in these circumstances is for you to write to your Bank or Building Society asking them to cancel the instruction and to send a copy to A&A Coach Travel Ltd. In addition, you must also return the Boarding Pass (Plastic card) to A&A Coach Travel Ltd by registered post within 7 days of the date of the cancellation of the Direct Debit instruction.

2.6 If the Direct Debit instruction is cancelled, this does not cancel your agreement with us. You will remain liable for the cost of the Boarding Pass until it is received by A&A Coach Travel Ltd. Failure to return your Boarding Pass (regardless of whether it has been used or not) will result in legal action being taken by A & A Coach Travel Ltd for recovery of the outstanding amount of the Boarding Pass. See cancellation policy (5.1)

2.7 A & A Coach Travel Ltd reserves the right to refuse Direct Debit applications.

2.8 If for any reason we are unable to collect the direct debit from your bank/building society then the direct debit will be cancelled and you will be liable for payment for the remainder of the year in full.

2.9 The surcharge for failed Direct Debits is £8.00 which will be added to any outstanding balance.

2.95 Any travel account (Direct Debit or Split payments)  must be maintaintained and be cleared by their final due date. if this is not adhered to, any future travel will be refused until account is cleared.

3. Direct Bank Transfer /Online Payments

3.1 The Direct Bank Transfer must be received before the end of the previous term.

3.2 Online payments through the myschoolbus.uk site will be collected by Square on our behalf.

3.3 Once the transfer / payment has been made you should make a note of any transaction number given.

3.4 You should contact A&A Coach Travel Ltd on 01423 325300 and quote the reference number.

3.5 Once the transfer has been verified your Boarding Pass will be issued.

4. Cheque Payments

4.1 All cheques to be made payable to A & A Coach Travel Ltd.

4.2 No pass or permission to travel will be issued until the cheque has cleared into our bank.

4.3 If the cheque is for a second/third termly payment and the cheque is referred as unpaid then travel will be suspended until such times as payment is cleared and you will become liable for the remaining cost of the pass in full.

5. Cancellations / Refunds

5.1 If you no longer require the boarding pass (a minimum pre ½ term pre-notice)isto be given in writing  We will continue to charge you for your pass until written notice has been served and acknowledged.. It is, therefore important that you read the payment information.

5.2 A&A Coach Travel Ltd will refund the cost of any unused portion of the Boarding Pass on FULL payments only before the commencement of the Easter Holidays. Any other credits will be allocated to ongoing travel with the company.

5.3 The refunded amount will be calculated on the total annual discounted rate, less the number of days used from the beginning of the year charged at £5.00 per day for Tadcaster School Services and £5.50 per day for all Harrogate Schools services  (not the discounted rate).

5.4 This Boarding Pass (Plastic cards only)  must be received by A & A Coach Travel Ltd prior to the commencement of the following half term for a refund to be granted.

5.5 No refunds / credits will be given in the last term of the school year  commencing the Easter Holidays, until the end of the Summer Term

5.5 To ensure A & A Coach Travel Ltd receives the Boarding Pass,(Plastic cards) please use recorded delivery and retain proof of posting.

5.6  The purchaser is responsible for the cost of the pass throughout the the school year. A & A Coach Travel Ltd will not be liable or responsible for any school closures effecting ongoing travel that may occur during the academic year.

6. When will I know if my child has secured a place

6.1 It is advisable to make your application as soon as possible as in some cases priority may be given in order of receipt of application.

6.2 Please note that your child will not be permitted to use the service until receipt of the appropriate pass. Therefore, if your application was made late you will be required to make alternative travel arrangements in the interim.

6.3 If your child does not live on the route of a particular service but still wishes to take up a place, A&A Coach Travel cannot guarantee rerouting the service in order to accommodate children from nearer stops. However, A & A Coach Travel Ltd does reserve the right to change the route services to accommodate statutory pupils even if it means stops being less convenient for ‘Parent to Pay’ users.

6.4 If A & A Coach Travel Ltd deem it necessary to increase vehicle sizes due to demand from ‘Parent to Pay’ users, parents are expected to cover any extra costs.

6.5 A & A Coach Travel Ltd reserves the right to change any route at any time without prior notice to accommodate operational circumstances.

7. Boarding Pass

7.1 Once your boarding pass has been received, your child can commence to use the service immediately. Your pass will be received,

7.2 Your child must only use the service allocated and must show the pass to the driver on every occasion or they may be refused access.

7.3 The Boarding Pass must be returned to A&A Coach Travel Ltd if the pupil leaves the school or ceases to use it or you will be liable for the full cost of the Boarding Pass.

7.4 A&A Coach Travel Ltd reserve the right to withdraw the Boarding Pass if false information is supplied, payment is not received by the due date, in the event of any misuse of the Boarding Pass or if the child / children do not conform to the relevant school’s Code of Conduct for School Transport.

8. Lost / Defaced Passes

8.1 If the pass (plastic type) is lost or defaced, you can replace it as follows:

Send a cheque to the value of £10 payable to A & A Coach Travel Ltd with a covering note containing your child’s details, to A&A Coach Travel Ltd, The Control Tower Offices, The Airfield, Tockwith, YORK YO26 7QF

8.2 Defaced passes must be replaced within 7 days or a surcharge will be made

8.3 Lost passes will incur a daily surcharge of £1 after 7 days by journey will be charged until the pass is replaced.

9. Conduct / Friends

9.1 If you wish a friend to travel with your child they must be registered with the office for insurance purposes and would be required to pay a fare of £4.50 or £5.00 to reserve your place and is subject to availability.

9.2 Pupils are expected to be at their boarding point 5 minutes before scheduled time.

9.3 Any damage caused to the companies vehicles by your child, will be charged to your parent account. all pupils are expected to abide by the schools code of conduct whilst travelling.

Places are limited, please contact the office if your booking cannot be purchased so we can add you to our waiting list.